Number Porting FAQ

What is number porting?
Phone number porting is transferring your existing phone number from your current provider to Us.
Is there a charge to port my number?
Yes, there is a one time fee of $10.00 per number.
How do I port my number?
See Port My Numbers
What is a Letter of Authorization (LOA)?
An LOA is a formal request to your existing carrier to allow your numbers to be ported. It's required by all carriers and must be signed by a person authorized to make changes to that account.
Why do I need to send you a copy of my phone bill?
Some carriers require a copy of the most recent phone bill to authorize the port request.
What about porting numbers from my DSL line?
If your Internet Service is DSL, ensure that you don't lose your Internet access. Ask your Internet service provider if you can keep your DSL service when you port your number. If not, you can move your DSL service to another phone line. You need only service with minimum local and no long distance. Ensure that your provider doesn't cancel or disconnect your original line. We cannot port a number that has been cancelled or disconnected.
How long will it take to port my number(s)?
Between 48 hours and 30 days from when we receive your all of your documents. Delays can be caused by:
  1. Pending orders on your current service including feature changes.
  2. Pending charges or account not in good standing.
  3. Incorrect or incomplete information on the LOA or outdated information on the phone bill.
What if I want to port numbers from multiple phone companies?
Send a separate LOA and copy of most recent bill for each carrier.
How do I check the status of my port?
You will receive email updates every step of the way with links to our website where you can check the status.
Do I have to keep paying for my current service during the porting process?
Yes, We can't port a number if the service has been cancelled or disconnected.
Can I use my service while my numbers are being ported?
Yes, absolutely! You will be given a temporary number when you sign up. You can put a "Call Forward Always" or "Remote Call Forward" on your number while it is with your current carrier until it ports. That will allow you to receive incoming calls from day one and you can always use your Us for outbound service.
What about my fax number?
We does not currently support fax lines, so it is best that you keep your existing fax number with you current provider.
What about alarm lines and elevator lines?
Those types of lines may require specialized equipment that may not be compatible with VoIP. Please check with your equipment manufacturers prior to porting over the numbers for those lines.


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